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Aeroflow Universal Oil Cooler Line Kit (AF30-4000)

3m Braided Hose, universal oil filter sandwich plate
SKU: AF30-4000
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3m Braided Hose, universal oil filter sandwich plate

Part Number: AF30-4000

The Aeroflow Universal Oil Cooler adapter and line kit has been designed for the ultimate in high performance and reliability with the ease and convenience of having to purchase just one kit. All you need to do is purchase the appropriately sized oil cooler for the application.

It features the Aeroflow billet oil cooler and sender adapter (AF64-2108) which is designed to sit in-between the standard oil filter and the vehicle engine block. This adapter allows an adaptation of a gauge sender or sensors to be installed at the engine. In most cases the factory OE oil filter will work with this sandwich adaptor. It is designed as a universal fitment item and may or may not fit your application.
The main body is made from billet 6061 aluminium, then anodised black for great looks and corrosion resistance. This features two labelled inlet and outlet -8AN ORB ports provided for plumbing the engine oil to and from the sandwich adapter. Two 1/8"quot; NPT ports and plugs are provided for auxiliary sensors. The oil filter landing will take oil filter O-ring sizes from inner diameter of 65mm (2-9/16") to outer diameter 71mm (2-13/16"). In some applications when fitting this sandwich adaptor, it may interfere with the frame or exhaust systems and a new shorter depth filter may need to be used for ground clearance.
This kit includes the following thread inserts that fit most makes and models (Holden, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Honda & BMW) that are the same thread on both male and female sides:
3/4"16 thread insert
13/16"-16 thread insert
M18 x 1.5mm thread insert
M20 x 1.5mm thread insert
M22 x 1.5mm thread insert
When it comes to plumbing your oil cooler this kit provides a universal solution. You may or may not have to purchase different angles or adapter fittings to suit your application.
This Kit includes:
1x Billet sandwich adapter (AF64-2108)
1x 3/4”-16 thread insert (AF59-2108-34)
1x 13/16”-16 thread insert (AF59-2108-1316)
1x M18 x 1.5mm thread insert (AF59-2108-M18)
1x M20 x 1.5mm thread insert (AF59-2108-M20)
1x M22 x 1.5mm thread insert (AF59-2108-M22)
2x 1/8” NPT port plugs (AF932-02BLK)
2x -10AN O-ring to -10AN adaptors (AF920-10BLK)
2x -8AN O-ring to -10AN adapters (AF920-10-08BLK)
2x 550 series straight -10AN black fittings (AF501-10BLK)
2x 550 series 90® -10AN black fittings (AF553-10BLK)
1x 3 meters 450 series black light weight hose (AF450-10-3M )

Specifications: Sandwich Adapter Dimensions:

Overall Diameter - 80mm
Overall Height - 32.25mm
Centre to Centre of -8ORB Ports - 38mm

Oil Filter landing Dimensions:
Seal Internal Diameter - 62mm
Seal Outside Diameter - 71mm
Thread inserts

3/4”-16 thread insert
13/16”-16 Short thread insert
13/16”-16 Long thread insert
M18 x 1.5mm thread insert
M20 x 1.5mm thread insert
M22 x 1.5mm thread insert