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Aeroflow Single EFI Pump Surge Tank - Black (AF77-3144BLK)

Use With AF49-1014 Fuel Pump
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Use With AF49-1014 Fuel Pump

Part Number: AF77-3144BLK

These Aeroflow Performance Surge Tanks are designed to prevent starving the fuel pump by increasing the fuelling capability of the fuel system. It is usually installed in vehicles that potentially can experience fuel starvation due to fuel sloshing around in an inadequately baffled fuel tank/cell. While this can occur in any vehicle when the tank is not fully filled, it is more frequent in vehicles subject to violent changes in directions such as autocross, off-road, drag racing and other types of racing that involve high g-force. The primary fuel pump in the vehicle's main fuel tank will no longer directly feed the engine. Instead, the internal fuel pump will now be used to fill and maintain the level of fuel in the surge tank itself. Using a surge tank will now require new external fuel pump/s to be installed after the tank to supply fuel to the engine.
These compact Single EFI surge tanks are designed to work with our AF49-1014 fuel pumps, which have a 60mm body and are similar to the popular Bosch Motorsport 044/200 (Sold Separately). These smart little tanks are designed to have fuel pumps submerged in fuel for a quieter operation and longer life of the fuel pump.
This surge tank is specifically designed to be mounted under the vehicle in a horizontal position. It should not be installed inside the vehicle or in a vertical position.
The tank itself is robotically TIG welded with 2.5mm thick aluminium, featuring three female -8 O-ring ports.
The tank is available in either Polished or Black anodised finishes. Black anodised is recommended for Ethanol or Methanol fuel systems.

Specifications: Dimensions:
Tank Height: 160mm (6")
Tank Width: 130mm (5")
Tank Length: 130mm (5")
Centre to Centre of Mounting Holes: 164mm
Centre to Centre of -8ORB Ports: 41.3mm

Capacity: 2.3 Litres (77oz)