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Aeroflow Pressure Test Kit -8AN (AF98-2083)

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Part Number: AF98-2083

These pressure test kits from Aeroflow Performance is just what you need to ensure the job is done right before installing it onto your application. After assembling your line fit the block off to one end of your line and test valve on the other end then use an air compressor to pressurize the line to the desired test pressure. Spray the line with soapy water or submerse in a bucket of water to check for leaks while under pressure. The valve is a standard Schrader valve which allows a tyre pressure gauge to be used. Unlike some other, more costly and complex solutions for testing braided lines, these pressure testers are small and versatile and allow the user to test all lines both on and off the vehicle. Available in all AN sizes from -3AN all the way to -20AN.