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Aeroflow Pipe Beading Tool (Large Bore) (AF98-2017)

Suits 5/8" and Larger Pipe Beader
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Suits 5/8" and Larger Pipe Beader

Part Number: AF98-2017

The Aeroflow performance pipe beading tool is a staple for any car fabricators. Especially when it comes to making custom intercooler piping and wanting to keep the silicone hose from blowing off. The rollers are crafted from heat treated steel and 6061 aluminium components. This vice-mounted tool will form a perfect bead on the end of aluminium or copper tubing. Simply insert the end of the tubing between the dies and start cranking the turning handle. Give the wheel a quarter-turn with each full rotation of the tubing to gradually tighten the dies against the tubing.

Great for beading pipe from 15.87mm (5/8”) to 152.4mm (6”) diameter.

Material thickness: Aluminium up to 2.05mm (.080”) and stainless steel or steel pipe up to 1.50mm (.059”).