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Aeroflow Fuel Jug Cover & (AF91-8050)

Suit Square Jugs Round Jugs
SKU: AF91-8050
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AF91-8050 - fuel jug cover & UV shield

Suit Square Jugs Round Jugs

Part Number: AF91-8050

Many pit areas and paddocks require fuel to be stored outside which exposes your fuel jug to the summer sun. This heat exposure shortens the life of the fuel and degrades the performance potential. Keep fuel temperatures stable and extend the pot life of expensive race fuels with Aeroflow fuel jug covers.

This high-tech jacket fits over most brands of round 18.9 litre jugs, including Jaz, VP, and others. The woven insulating material shields the fuel from radiant heat, while the reflective aluminized outer layer blocks both visible and invisible light. Your fuel stays up to 20 degrees cooler, which means less thermal breakdown. It also means less tendency for your fuel jugs to "inflate" as the day goes on. Open-top design lets you leave your filler hose attached to the cap. Sold individually.