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Aeroflow Fabricated Square Radiator Expansion Tank - Black (AF77-1026BLK)

1.18 litre capacity, 16 psi cap, accepts 2 x 8 ORB fittings, 4.52" W x 2.95" D x 5.51" H
SKU: AF77-1026BLK
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1.18 litre capacity, 16 psi cap, accepts 2 x 8 ORB fittings, 4.52" W x 2.95" D x 5.51" H

Part Number: AF77-1026BLK

The coolant expansion tank holds coolant lost as the pressure rises, returning it to the radiator when the temperature and pressure drop. This radiator expansion tank by Aeroflow ensures that the pressure within the radiator is controlled, and engine coolant is not lost during expansion. This fabricated aluminium tank with integral mounting bracket holds up to 1180ml/39oz of fluid.
This universal tank is designed for several applications where a small volume tank is required. It comes with a small recovery style radiator cap (16 psi/1.1 bar) with an Aeroflow Performance billet radiator cap cover attached. This tank features two female -8AN O-ring fitting welded into bottom of tank and side of tank.
This expansion tank must be mounted higher than the highest point of the radiator or at minimum in line with it. Tank and lines that are being installed will be under the same pressure as the radiator ensure to use correct hoses and clamps to secure lines.  To plumb up this tank the bottom fitting should be plumbed up to the radiator sprout neck using appropriate hoses/fittings. The side fitting is designed if the tank gets too full it needs to empty. Ensure to plumb this barb away from moving components or extreme heat sources to avoid any damages or accidents.

Specifications: Dimensions:
Overall Height - 190mm
Tank Height - 140mm
Depth - 75mm
Tank Width - 115mm
Overall Width - 190mm
Centre to Centre of Mounting holes - 140mm