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Aeroflow Compact Black 100 GPH Electric Fuel Pump 14 psi (AF49-1065)

Female 3/8" NPT threads
SKU: AF49-1065
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Female 3/8" NPT threads

Part Number: AF49-1065

Aeroflow compact black electric fuel pumps are designed for carburettor engines, meeting most of your fuel system requirements for Street, Strip and Off-Road Vehicles. The universal rotary vane design means it is engineered for constant use, long lasting performance and quiet operation. This unique design allows the fuel to cool the internals of the pump and with no points to burn out or shaft seals that are subject to deterioration which can lead to premature failure.
The black pump has an internal pressure-regulating valve pre-set to run 14 psi but will require an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Featuring a free-flow fuel delivery of up to 100 GPH. With female 3/8" NPT threads. Designed to handle unleaded, alcohol based fuels and diesel. Each fuel pump includes an installation kit which includes mounting hardware, mounting bracket and wiring.

Important Information: This universal black fuel pump should be mounted below the fuel tank and as close to the fuel tank as possible. It is recommended to also mount below the carburettor to avoid vapour lock conditions. Do not mount the fuel pump near exhaust system or extreme heat sources as this can damage the fuel pump. Ensure the fuel pump is mounted away from any sources of water.