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Aeroflow 38mm External Wastegate - Black (AF9552-1000)

14 PSI (1 Bar)
SKU: AF9552-1000
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AF9552-1000 - 38mm EXTERNAL WASTEGATE 14 PSI

14 PSI (1 Bar)

Part Number: AF9552-1000

Aeroflow Performance wastegates are especially designed to maintain set boost levels to protect your engine from overboosting. Aeroflow wastegates feature an internal valve constructed from a high temp NiCrFe based alloy. Other features include a high temperature silicone nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm and stainless steel actuator spring that delivers consistent boost pressure at high temperatures, Nitronic stainless steel is used for the valve seat, and valve bushing which all offer longer product life at extreme temperatures.
Aeroflow wastegates feature water cooling ports ( 2 x M8 x 1.0mm ) for those heavy duty applications. These are optional use and can be disregarded if not required. There are also 3 lower air pressure ports and two top air pressure ports ( 5 x M10 x 1.00mm ) for easy installation this eliminates the need to rotate the actuator top, plugs are included for unused ports. Aeroflow's wastegatescome preset at 1 bar. This can easily be altered by purchasing and installing springs from Aeroflow's accessory range. The wastegate also includes required stainless steel hardware for installation including: valve seat, inlet V-band clamp/flange and outlet V-Band Clamp/flange.
Replacement Springs & Upgrades
Inner Spring - Yellow: 10.10 PSI (0.69 BAR)
Inner Spring - Green: 6 PSI (0.41 BAR)
Middle Spring - Red: 7.80 PSI (0.53 BAR)
Middle Spring - Blue: 11.20 PSI (0.77 BAR)
Outer Spring - Black: 12.60 PSI (0.87 BAR)
Middle Spring - White: 10.30 PSI (0.71 BAR)

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