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Aeroflow 1" Barb Brushless Electric Supercharger & Water Pump (AF49-1052)

25mm Inlet/Outlet Barb, 46.6 Litres Per Minute
SKU: AF49-1052
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25mm Inlet/Outlet Barb, 46.6 Litres Per Minute

Part Number: AF49-1052

The Aeroflow Performance brushless electric water pump is designed for universal fitment to compliment or replace a vehicle’s existing mechanical belt-driven water pump. This brushless design is a magnetically driven water pump which allows high flow of up to 46.6 Litres Per Minute with the larger 1 inch (25.4mm) barb and 40 Litre Per Minute on the smaller 3/4 Inch (19.05mm) barb. Being a brushless design it has no brushes to ever wear out and the pump is magnetically driven by the motor, which means that no shaft sealing is required.
WARNING : Do Not Run This Water Pump Dry. Warranty will be VOID if the pump is run without fluid.