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Fast Lane Spares Stockcar Floater Rear End Kits are a perfect upgrade for your standard Ford/Hilux diff. 

Upgrading to a floater housing has many benefits. Think of it like your front spindle. The rear hub rides on two tapered roller bearings. The splines of the axle float in the drive flange and the differential. The drive flange is sandwiched between the hub and the wheel which is driven by the wheel studs. The vehicle weight and cornering loads are now on the housing instead of the axle. The only force now being applied to the axle is the torque load to drive the car. This makes it the ideal setup for a high horsepower car. Also, now you do not have any axle deflection from cornering loads. This eliminates the pad knockback issue for those running autocross, road courses, or just some fun-spirited driving! Another benefit is removing the third member. You can leave your wheels on and just remove the end caps of the hubs. Then pull the axles out the end and remove the third member.

Stockcar Floating Rear End Kit Includes:

  • 2 Hubs
  • 2 Drive Plates
  • 2 Snouts
  • 2 Axle Caps
  • 2 Rotors
  • 4 Bearings
  • 2 Lock Nuts
  • 2 Seals
  • 4 Races
  • Wheel Studs
  • Screws Included