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SCS 10-Spline Sportsman Series Quick Change Gear Set (SCS-SP34)

Gear Set No. 34 (19/26 Teeth, 1.368 Spur Ratio)
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SCS-SP34 - SPORTSMAN SET #34 5.63 / 6.65

Gear Set No. 34 (19/26 Teeth, 1.368 Spur Ratio)

Part Number: SCS-SP34

Sportsman Series Gears
the Sportsman Series Gears Are Cnc Crown Hobbed To Produce A Quality That Meets The Exacti ng Standards Accepted By Scs. The Gears Are Not Lightened An d Are Made Of 8620 Material. T hey Are Heat Treated As Are Th e Professional Series, But Wil l Have A Rem Finish Rather Tha n The Black Oxide.
note That The Sportsman Gears Are Engineered The Same As The Pro fessional Series And Have The Exact Same Gear Ratios Availab le.