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Schumacher Battery Charger (SESPI15)

12V-15A (240V) up to 230Ah
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12V-15A (240V) up to 230Ah

Part Number: SESPI15

Fully automatic & microprocessor-controlled.

Patented Speed Charge Technology ensures that the battery is charged as fast and safely as possible - up to 3 times faster than traditional chargers. Designed to charge most types of batteries (AGM, Gel, Calcium/Wet, Start & Stop).
The SPI3 is also compatible with lithium-ion batteries. The range features a digital display with scrolling multilingual instructions (except SPI1 & SPI2) insulated clamps and eyelet accessories (except SPI15), a hook attachment and protection bumpers. Reverse polarity protection, thermal runaway protection and automatic shut-off are included as standard.
The SPI will charge batteries with voltage as low as 0.5V. In comparison, most chargers from the competition will only charge batteries with voltage as low as 4V.
Their ventilated housing compensates for the extra heat and prolongs the life of the chargers (SPI6, SPI10 & SPI15). The SPI are energy efficient and meet the highest industry standards. They feature multi-stage charging for added precision and safety. Float-mode monitoring ensures that the battery is kept fully charged and ready to use, for extended periods of time.