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SCE Titan Head Gasket - 4.380" Bore, .043" Thick (SCE-T35384)

Suit Ford 429-460
SKU: SCE-T35384
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SCE-T35384 - FORD 460 4.380 X .043 TITAN

Suit Ford 429-460

Part Number: SCE-T35384

Patented coolant and oil seals found only on SCE Titan and ICS Titan head gaskets provide superior sealing due to offset upper and lower bead seals and limited sealant area. This unique seal design requires less clamp load to seal coolant passages allowing more clamp load on the combustion seal than other "coated" copper gaskets.
* These Gaskets are to be used with machined O-rings in Block or Head
* For competition engines which are not O-ringed use ICS Titan
* These Gaskets do not require additional sealant