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SCE Pro Copper Head Gasket, 4.520" Bore x .062" Thick (SCE-P135262)

Suit B/B Chev MK4
SKU: SCE-P135262
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SCE-P135262 - CHEVROLET BB MK4 4.520 X .062

Suit B/B Chev MK4

Part Number: SCE-P135262

Pro-Copper Head Gaskets
Not all solid copper gaskets are created equal. SCE uses premium 99% pure copper sheets rolled to our specifications (choice of 12 different thicknesses) and tested for uniform flatness to assure precise cylinder head-to-block alignment and eliminate uneven loading. After processing, each gasket is annealed to ensure optimum mating and provide measurable gains in-cylinder sealing, as evidenced by lower leak-down percentages. O-ringing recommended.