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SCE ICS Titan Head Gasket - 4.160" Bore, .062" Thick (SCE-S11156)

Suit S/B Chev
SKU: SCE-S11156
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SCE-S11156 - SBC 4.155 X .062 CHG ICS TITAN

Suit S/B Chev

Part Number: SCE-S11156

These Head Gaskets Do Not Require O-rings in the block or head, and they require no additional sealant. Patented Integral Combustion Seals found only on ICS Titan head gaskets take the place of O-rings in the block or head, with an added benefit. The illustration shows how the solid gasket body is cut and separated for insertion of a stainless O-ring wire. Primary combustion sealing is achieved by load concentration from the inserted wire as in the case of an O-ringed block. In addition, the upper and lower flanges of the ICS combustion seal remain open toward the cylinder allowing the pressure of combustion to force them against the block and head.
Extreme cylinder pressure can cause the head to lift, in this case the upper and lower seal flanges trap high pressure gases forming a secondary combustion seal. Coolant and oil sealing is handled by exclusive patented bead seals bonded to the gasket When determining gasket bore opening consider the combustion chamber shape to insure that the combustion seal falls outside of the chamber.