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Aeroflow Xpro Silicone Multi Angle Spark Plug Boots & Terminals (AF4030-3301)

Black, 2 pack
SKU: AF4030-3301
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Black, 2 pack

Part Number: AF4030-3301

Aeroflow XPRO multi-angle ignition boots and terminals are designed specifically to suit male spark plug end. The multi-angle straight boot allows the user to bend the boot to the required shape. These individual components will let you complete or customize your ignition lead set to suit your exact specifications to get the right boot for your application.
The premium-grade silicone boots provide superior connection protection against spark loss, moisture, dirt, and other chemical contaminants.  The stainless-steel terminals feature positive-locking snap clips to ensure a positive connection which can lead to longer life performance. Straight terminals feature a dual crimp, which means the conductor has its own crimp to the terminal so it does not need to be bent over and pressed between the terminal and the sleeve of the plug wire.
Each boot and terminal are designed to suit our XPRO 8.5mm ignition lead wire. They come in either grey or black colour combinations and sold in a pair or as a 9 pack. Both terminal and boots can be purchased separately in bulk 100 packs.