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Aeroflow Universal Breather Tank (AF77-2005)

3 litre, 120mm W x 120mm D x 250mm H, Polished finish
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AF77-2005 - 3L BREATHER 2 X -12ORB,1-3/8"

3 litre, 120mm W x 120mm D x 250mm H, Polished finish

Part Number: AF77-2005

The Aeroflow Performance universal breather tank is an essential step in removing PCV oil before it enters the combustion chamber. This is used on the fresh air side of an engine breather system and is open to the atmosphere or plumbed back into the system after the MAF sensor on EFI equipped engines.
Aeroflow's 3 litre/101oz Universal Fabricated Breather tanks are skilfully built from billet 6061-T6 aluminium with internal baffles. This size tank means they meet CAMS requirements and also have a billet valve on the base to ensure easy drainage They come either highly polished or in a black anodised finish with an integral mounting bracket.
The tank features two female -12AN O-ring which can be adapted to any lines and fittings for plumbing purposes. A female -16AN O-ring is welded into the top of the tank and a -16AN male O-ring fitting to 35mm barb is supplied. This allows a filter which is sold separately to be installed onto it, examples of filter that fit in the Aeroflow Performance range are AF2871-1440 with a chrome top filter or AF2271-1440 black top filter. This tank features a drain valve (AF615-00S or AF615-00BLK) which is pre-installed into a female -10AN O-ring into the bottom of the tank. The exit of this valve incorporates a female 1/8" NPT for connection of an appropriate drain tube to be attached if required. Simply turn the valve anti-clockwise to release/empty the tank and clockwise to close the valve.

Specifications: Dimensions:
Tank Length: 120mm
Tank Height: 250mm
Tank Width: 120mm
Centre to Centre of mounting holes: 148mm
Centre to Centre of -12ORB ports: 62mm

Capacity of 3000mL

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