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Aeroflow Turbo V-Band Adpater (AF8055-1000)

Convert T3 Flange to V-Band
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AF8055-1000 - T3 TO V-BAND ADAPTER

Convert T3 Flange to V-Band

Part Number: AF8055-1000

This Aeroflow Performance turbo adapter will save the cost and headache of manufacturing a brand new exhaust manifold or exhaust system. Designed to convert any T3 flange to accept a v-band turbine inlet exhaust housing. Made from cast 304 stainless steel. Featuring an uninterrupted gas flow transition to ensure optimum turbocharger response. Designed to suit GT30/GT35 style turbine inlet flanges or the Boosted range of turbochargers that accepts the AF8080-1016 V-Band Flange.