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Aeroflow Stainless Steel Flex Joint (AF9500-3500)

3-1/2" I.D x 4" Long
SKU: AF9500-3500
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AF9500-3500 - 3-1/2" I.D EXHAUST FLEX PIPE

3-1/2" I.D x 4" Long

Part Number: AF9500-3500

Aeroflow Performance’s range of 304 stainless steel flexible exhaust joints are perfect for those wanting to soak up excess vibrations & movement caused by your engine when custom making an exhaust system. These bellow style flexible pipes give the exhaust system some flexibility. This allows a slight amount of movement that can help when aligning or fastening exhaust flanges & V-Band's. As well as soak up linear movement, as the exhaust system heats up and expands during use. All flexible joints feature a directional smooth flow solid inner liner to improve exhaust flow. These joints will not corrode or rust like coated or painted steel pipes. High quality, contaminant free stainless produces clean weld beads, for a show quality welding job!


Tech Tip:
To weld 304 stainless steel to 304 stainless steel, use of a 308 stainless steel filler rod is recommended. When welding mild steel to 304 stainless steel use of a 309 stainless steel filler rod is recommended.