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Aeroflow Replacement Panel Filter (AF2031-2293)

SKU: AF2031-2293
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Suit Mazda 3, equivalent to A1523

Part Number: AF2031-2293

Mazda 3 BK10 Turbo Diesel 2.0L 08/07-09/09
Mazda 3 BK1031 SP23 2.3L 01/04-05

Mazda 3 BK1032 MPS 2.3L 07/06-05/09
Mazda 3 BK1032 SP23 2.3L 07/05-03/09
Mazda 3 BK10F1 2.0L 01/04-03/09
Mazda 3 BL 2.0L 04/09-01/14
Mazda 3 BL Turbo Diesel 2.2L 11/09-01/14
Mazda 3 BL 2.3L 07/09-01/14
Mazda 3 BL SP25 2.5L 04/09-01/14
L 275mm x W 186mm x T 35mm
Aeroflow Panel Filters provide excellent filtration and combine durability with performance. Designed for perfect OEM fitment, these 4-layer cotton gauze filters are for the street car and are designed to increase performance. With a simple drop-in application, it is easy to replace your dirty/restrictive/worn filter with a re-usable filter that you will never need to change again hence saving you money and protecting the environment. Try one today and experience the Aeroflow difference!