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Aeroflow Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Turbo Exhaust Dump Pipe (AF8200-1100)

Suits High Mount GT30-GT35 Turbo with 3" AF8080-1000 V-Band Flange
SKU: AF8200-1100
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Suits High Mount GT30-GT35 Turbo with 3" AF8080-1000 V-Band Flange

Part Number: AF8200-1100

- Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 with 4G63 Engine turbo steampipe exhaut dump pipe.
V-Band Flange
- 3" V-Band & AF8080-1000 Boosted V-Band
Mounting Location
- Suits Low Mount Turbo Manifolds (AF8207-1100, AF8207-1101)
Turbocharger Style
- GT30/GT35 style (Boosted 5855 to Boosted 6862).

Aeroflow Performance have specifically designed this lobster back exhaust dump pipe to suit Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 with 4G63 and low mount turbo manifold (such as AF8207-1100 and AF8207-1101). This tight dump pipe will help clear A/C compressor in factory location. Constructed from 3" steam pipe pie cuts and welded together. Each end as a V-Band flange welded to allow a easy fit with a Boosted AF8080-1000 to suit a large range of turbochargers and a 3" V-band on the other end to allow the continuation of the exhaust system.
This dump pipe is finished with a black enamel coat for shipping purposes only. We do recommend to have this manifold either wrapped with exhaust wrap or ceramic coated to ensure protection for external accessories and reduce under bonnet temperatures.