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Aeroflow Low Profile Car Ramps (Pair) (AF98-2109)

With Mesh Storage Bag
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With Mesh Storage Bag

Part Number: AF98-2109

People running lowered cars, with body kits don't have the room to get a jack under their car to access a jacking point, even to simply look under their car to inspect something. Aeroflow Performance low profile car ramps which are designed to not slide forward when driven onto, have a lip on the edge so you don't drive off the ramp and very lightweight.
Sold as a pair.
Ramp measurements: Length: 685mm, Width: 192mm, Lift Height: 65mm
Weight per Ramp 1.8kg
Rated Load Capacity: 1000kg each Ramp.
Maximum tyre diameter that can be used is 680mm.
Maximum tyre width that can be used is 225mm
Each ramp is load rated to 1000kg each.
Complies with portable ramp safety standard AS2640:2016
Ramps now come complete in a nylon mesh drawstring bag for easy storage. This bag is also available separately AF59-2109.

Important Information: •These ramps are designed to be used as a method of jacking up the vehicle when a jack cannot fit underneath the vehicle. It is recommended not to get under the vehicle when using these car ramps unless it is supported by a secondary safety device such as jack stands.
• Use Ramps on a hard level surface, such as concrete.
• Confirm that the load to be applied does not exceed the working load limit of the vehicle ramps. Which is 1000kg per ramp.
• Conduct a pre-operational check of the equipment. Inspect ramps before each use for any from blow holes, hard spots, shrinkage defects, cracks or other defects which would adversely affect the strength of the material. If these are found don’t use the car ramps as this can lead to a failure. Destroy or discard if worn or damaged.
• Ramps should only be used in pairs.
• Check that no part of the underbody of the vehicle will foul as the ramps are positioned. And also, when the vehicle is being guided on.
• Modifications must not be carried out or accessories added.
• Turn the wheels to a straight ahead position and place the ramps against the tyres in such a way that each ramp is in line with the respective wheel.
• Slowly drive the vehicle onto the ramp platform with guidance from a person outside the vehicle.
• Apply the parking brake. Once the vehicle is in position on the car ramps.
• Place a chock under at least one of the wheels which is on the ground so that the vehicle cannot accidentally roll off the ramps.

Instructions Video