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Aeroflow Gloss Black Silicone Heater Hose Block Off Cap 5/8" (16mm) I.D (AF9289-062-01)

Sold Individually, 3 Ply Polyester
SKU: AF9289-062-01
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AF9289-062-01 - SILICONE HEATER 5/8" 16mm CAP

Sold Individually, 3 Ply Polyester

Part Number: AF9289-062-01

The Aeroflow reinforced silicone heater block off caps is designed for coolant, water, air, vacuum ports, throttle body water ports, heater cores, and much more. While they look a lot like traditional vacuum caps, the internal material is designed specifically to be installed on your cooling system. The block off caps is manufactured just like our reinforced silicone heater hoses. With 3 layers of polyester webbing for reinforcement, you can be sure that they will withstand the high temperatures and pressures of your cooling system for years to come.
These silicone block off caps are not compatible with fuel, oil, or any petroleum-based products.

Specifications: Internal Diameter - 5/8" (16mm)
Wall Thickness - 5mm
Outside Diameter - 26mm
Suits Worm Drive Clamp - AF23-1832
Suits Constant Tension Clamp - AF28-2639