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Aeroflow Fabricated LS Rear Sump Conversion Oil Pan (AF82-2012)

Suit Holden HQ-WB With Oil Filter
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Suit Holden HQ-WB With Oil Filter

Part Number: AF82-2012

Aeroflow's range of super oil pans available for most popular V8 engines are the perfect choice for street or track driven high-performance engines. This fabricated rear sump oil pan designed to use in engine conversions. Which is specially designed with extra oil capacity wings, these wings allow extra oil capacity without affecting ground clearance which helps maintain more constant oil temperatures for reliability. These pans may also be fitted with a trap doors, windage trays and crank scrapers which keeps oil at the pickup during hard acceleration and braking.
This oil pan suits GM LS Series Chev engines into Holden HQ-WB, 1968-72 Nova, 1965-72 Chevelle and 1967-69 Camaro. Can also be used in additional applications (check dimensions for clearance).
It holds 5.5 litres of engine oil and uses the standard stock block mounted dipstick.
This race oil pan will utilize the OEM oil filter setup with an oil filter attachment included in this kit. This oil filter attachment can also be purchased separately AF59-2012. Ensure to check clearance and location when using this oil filter attachment for your application. It may or may not be in a convenient location to access on a regular basis to change the oil filter.
Aeroflow Performance also have several other different options available for remote mounting the oil filter (sold separately). The oil filter adapter block AF82-2022 is similar to the one included in this kit instead of the oil filter hanging down vertically it mounts the oil filter horizontally or at a 90-degree angle. The oil block AF82-2013 has 2 x female -10 ORB fittings attached to the block. This will allow an external oil filter and/or oil cooler setup to be ran such as AF64-4112, AF64-2075 or AF64-2061. This will need to be adapted to suit your application. AF82-2009 GM LS 90-degree oil block adapter, this allows two female -10 ORB fittings placed 90-degree (Horizontal) position. AF82-2030 GM LS slimline oil block adapter is perfect for tight clearances with -10AN male fittings attached to a very slim plate.
This race oil pan features a trap door setup to keep oil within the oil pick up area under any condition. The OEM windage tray may be used with this pan or purchase separately the Aeroflow Performance windage tray AF82-2020 for improved oil control in any application.
Aeroflow Performance makes an oil pick up to suit this race pan as the standard OEM WILL NOT work. This is sold separately (AF82-2405)
Aeroflow Performance makes an oil pick up to suit this race pan. This is sold separately (AF82-2405).