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Aeroflow Engine Levelling tool (AF98-2064)

For Use with Engine Cranes
SKU: AF98-2064
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For Use with Engine Cranes

Part Number: AF98-2064

The Aeroflow Performance engine leveling tool is the perfect companion for our engine crane when it comes to removing the engine from the vehicle. It reduces the hazards and hassles out of balancing heavy, awkward loads and helps protect engines, transmissions and vehicle damage. This handy tool connects to your engine crane hook and adjusts the angle of the engine simply by turning the swivel handle. The leveller will tilt both forward and backward for easy motor mount alignment with the worm drive shaft that rotates with a built-in swivel handle for easy balancing. The load leveller includes four adjustable 300mm chains with hooks for increased load security and safety that will balance up to 740kg (1650lbs).