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Aeroflow Cushioned P-Clamps 1" (25mm)I.D - Black Finish (AF158-16BLK)

Suits -12AN 100/450 Series & -10AN 400/500 Series. Sold As A 5 Pack
SKU: AF158-16BLK
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Suits -12AN 100/450 Series & -10AN 400/500 Series. Sold As A 5 Pack

Part Number: AF158-16BLK

Aeroflow Performance cushioned P-clamps are designed to hold any hose, hard line or wires, and mount them directly to the frame or firewall. This allows you to safely and securely keep them routed away so they don't rub on anything or hang down in the way. These steel clamps have a flexible neoprene cushion that prevents vibration and abrasion. For greater flexibility, you can attach them using almost anything, such as sheet metal screws or rivnuts.
The clamps are available for several diameters of hose and offer a professional finish to your fluid delivery project. Available in sizing from 3/16" (4.7mm) through to 2" (50.8mm). Choose the set designed for fitment on your application based on the cushioned P-Clamp Size Guide. Mounting hole for all clamps are 13/64" (5.19mm). Available in Blue, Black and Silver finishes with a black rubber for all clamps.

Specifications: Suited for:
-12AN 100/450 Series Hose
-10AN 400/500 Series Hose

Internal Diameter - 25mm (1")
Width - 16.75mm (21/32")
Mounting Hole Size - 5mm (13/64")