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Aeroflow Copper Embossed Flange Gasket (AF9558-2500)

2-1/2" Suit 2-Bolt Flange
SKU: AF9558-2500
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AF9558-2500 - 2.5" 2 BOLT EXHAUST COPPER

2-1/2" Suit 2-Bolt Flange

Part Number: AF9558-2500

2 Bolt Copper Exhaust Gaskets.

Aeroflow's copper embossed exhaust gaskets are the perfect choice for high performance engines, especially those supercharged or turbocharged where the exhaust is pressurised and leaks are common. Designed with a crimp collar which outperforms other gaskets because of its sealing bead that conforms to the flange sealing surfaces and provides a leak free seal. These exhaust gaskets are great to use when matched with our range of CNC stainless steel flanges.