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Aeroflow Carbon Clutch / Brake Reservoir Heat Protector Bag Suits 2" Diameter Reservoirs (AF91-8895)

200mm Long and 90mm (3") High
SKU: AF91-8895
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200mm Long and 90mm (3") High

Part Number: AF91-8895

Aeroflow Performance have created this clutch/ brake reservoir heat protector bag as a safety shield for your Brake or clutch reservoir in the hot engine bay. This is important to protect the internal fluid on these reservoirs because when heated up outside of operating temperatures it changes density and does not perform as intended or last as last as intended.  This bag provides insulation protection of up 1370 Degree Celsius (2500F) more than enough to keep these systems running at optimal conditions. Available in either a Titanium finish or Carbon finish and sold individually with two diameter sizes of either 2" (50.8mm) or 3" (76.2mm).