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Aeroflow BOOSTED B5455 T3 .83 Internal Wastegate Turbocharger 660HP, Hi Temp Black Finish (AF8005-3076BLK)

T3 Inlet Flange, Ford 5-Bolt Exhaust Flange
SKU: AF8005-3076BLK
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AF8005-3076BLK - BOOSTED B5455.82 T3 INTERNAL

T3 Inlet Flange, Ford 5-Bolt Exhaust Flange

Part Number: AF8005-3076BLK

In addition to our current range of Boosted B5455 turbochargers. We have this internal wastegate option with a T3 .82 rear housing. This turbo is designed as a good bolt on upgrade option for Nissan Skyline, Holden VL with standard low mount turbo manifold. The internal wastegate rear housing is 20mm longer above the T3 flange mounting plate to help clear the factory manifold. It features a Ford XR6 5 bolt dump pipe flange which pairs well with the Aeroflow Performance Ford XR6 to V-Band Adapter to convert the 5-bolt flange to a 3” V-Band to help to fabricate a new exhaust.
This turbo is great for smaller engine displacements from 2L up to 3.5L with the B5455 rated up to 660 engine horsepower.
The Boosted B5455 utilizes a Point Milled Billet compressor wheel which is manufactured from 7075 aluminium. Not only is the billet wheel upgraded from the old days of cast wheels but if you look closely at the finish of the compressor blades you will notice the point milling. Most turbochargers have a smooth surface finish known as flank milling. This is where blade surfaces are milled in a single pass on the CNC machine. This is economical and saves time but performance wise is lacking compared to point milling. Point milling brings the CNC tool over the compressor blade using multiple passes. This is a complicated process which increases the machining time and cost. The Point milled wheel provides increased flow (cfm) and reduces exducer tip speed allowing the turbo to spool faster, resulting in a much more efficient turbocharger. This point milling can increase flow (cfm) up to 15-35% depending on each size compressor wheel.
The 9-blade turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures. When comparing this to the first generation 5455 which has a 10-blade turbine wheel. By dropping just one blade from this turbine wheel you can see some great results in top end power. Combine this with a smaller diameter center shaft that reduces the weight. You end up with a less restrictive flow of exhaust gasses allowed to exit out the rear housing at a more efficient rate.
Each B5455 turbocharger is a dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge designed to prolong the turbo lifespan and improve shaft balance. Our ball bearing design reduces the required amount of oil to provide adequate lubrication. This lower oil volume reduces the chance for seal leakage. Also, the ball bearing is more tolerant of marginal lube conditions, and diminishes the possibility of turbocharger failure on engine shut down. Boosted ceramic ball bearings are sourced from Germany or Japan depending on model. Our ball bearing cartridge utilizes an external restrictor, included with each turbocharger is a turbo oil feed fitting which has an 1mm restrictor inside the fitting.
You will notice that we have two water ports on each side of the turbochargers core. This is great for installing water lines in compact areas and gives a better option for plumbing. Water cooling improves mechanical durability and lengthens the turbocharger's life. Water cooling's main benefit actually occurs after the engine has been shut down. Heat stored in the turbine housing and exhaust manifold "soaks back" into the center section of the turbocharger after shutdown.
Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers are designed specifically for the enthusiast who wants optimal performance at a competitive price. Boosted Turbochargers have a range of specific turbos to meet your power goals, driving style and budget. Boosted turbocharger's utilise billet compressor wheels and feature the latest aerodynamic design that maximises horsepower and boost response throughout the rev range. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures.
Boosted Turbocharger's are available in 360° journal b

Important Information: Boosted by Aeroflow products are manufactured to industry standard specifications from quality materials. Utmost care is taken to ensure products are free from blemishes, inconsistencies and defects. Aeroflow products carry a one year warranty from the date of purchase however warranty will be void if the product is not used in the correct way for which it was intended. Boosted Turbochargers and replacement parts are designed for street use only. Products used in race applications and/or products that have been modified, damaged, incorrectly installed or incorrectly/poorly maintained are not covered by this warranty. Proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims.
This Boosted ball bearing turbocharger from Aeroflow Performance does not feature an internal oil flow restrictor. A -4AN fitting is provided with a built in external oil feed restrictor and must be used to ensure oil does not push past the seals and shorten the life span of the turbocharger. Should you choose not to use the provided -4AN fitting then an external oil feed restrictor (AF399-04 or AF399-03, available for purchase separately) must be installed in the turbo oil feed line at the engine side and turbo side of the line. Failure to use a suitable restrictor will void the warranty. Boosted turbochargers that feature water cooling ports must have these ports connected to the water cooling system in order to cool the turbocharger core. Failure to connect any and all of these ports will void all warranties.