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Aeroflow Boosted 1.31 A/R Dual V-Band Turbo Exhaust Housing, Suits Boosted 7588 & amp; 8888 Turbochargers (AF8050-1002)

Cast Iron Material
SKU: AF8050-1002
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Cast Iron Material

Part Number: AF8050-1002

Aeroflow Performance offers a variety of replacement turbine rear housings for their entire range for Boosted series turbochargers. You can choose to option for a smaller or larger A/R ratio. This will allow you to fine tune depending on your application for engine configuration and driving conditions. Available in many different turbine inlet and outlet flanges to fit most exhaust manifolds such as T25/T28, T3, T4 ,T6 and V-Band and Exhaust downpipes such as 5 bolt and V-band. Turbine housings can be replaced on most turbos easily via mounting bolts or V-bands and a few minutes of time. They can be clocked 360 degrees to just about any position needed.

Specifications: Boosted Dual V-Band Cast Iron Turbine Housing.
1.31 compressor ratio ( A.R ) Cast Iron exhaust housing.
V-band turbine outlet flange AF8080-1012.
V-band turbine inlet flange AF8080-1011.

Suits the following Boosted 7588 & 8888 turbos:
AF8005-4001 / AF8005-4001BLK
AF8005-4027 / AF8005-4027BLK
AF8005-6003 / AF8005-6003BLK
AF8005-6010 / AF8005-6010BLK
AF8005-6011 / AF8005-6011BLK
AF8006-4001 / AF8006-4001BLK
AF8006-4027 / AF8006-4027BLK
AF8006-6000 / AF8006-6000BLK
AF8006-6001 / AF8006-6001BLK
AF8006-6002 / AF8006-6002BLK
AF8006-6003 / AF8006-6003BLK