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Aeroflow Billet Aluminium P-Clamp 3/8" (9.5mm) (AF157-06BLK)

Black Finish
SKU: AF157-06BLK
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Black Finish

Part Number: AF157-06BLK

Put the finishing touches on your work with these show quality billet 6061-T6 aluminium P Clamps. These clamps are designed for organising and holding fuel lines, hard line, wiring etc allowing them to mount them directly to the frame or firewall. We do not recommend these clamps to be used to support heavy components. The P Clamps are available for several different diameters and anodized options. Available in either single or dual option configurations, ensure to check out the size guide to find the appropriate size you require.

Specifications: Overall Length = 44.80mm
Overall Width = 13mm
Overall Height = 17.15mm
Suits 3/8" Hard Line
Suits -4AN Kryptalon Hose