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Aeroflow Billet Actuator / Internal Gate (AF8050-1020)

Suit Ford XR6 BA/BF/FG With Boosted 6662 & 6762 Turbo, 14 PSI
SKU: AF8050-1020
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AF8050-1020 - FORD XR6 BA / BF / FG ACTUATOR

Suit Ford XR6 BA/BF/FG With Boosted 6662 & 6762 Turbo, 14 PSI

Part Number: AF8050-1020

The Aeroflow Performance billet internal wastegate actuator is designed to provide better turbo response, stable boost control and better management of boost pressures. This billet actuator is constructed from high grade aluminium with stainless steel adjustable rod and connecting clevis for corrosion resistance which makes it a much stronger and more reliable replacement for any OEM application. The ability to interchange for various spring pressures are great for any application to suit a range of boost pressures.

Specifications: Dimensions:
Body Length -
75mm (2-61/64โ€).
Body Diameter -
67mm (2-5/8โ€).
Rod Actuator Adjustable Length -
138mm to 160mm (5-7/16โ€ to 6-19/64โ€).
Barb -
5 mm (13/64โ€).
Upgrade Springs Suit AF8050-1020 Billet Actuator:
- Yellow: 7 PSI spring
- White: 9 PSI spring (Installed)
- Blue: 14 PSI spring
- Green: 20 PSI spring