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Aeroflow Aluminium 15 Gallon (57L) Fuel Cell Flat Bottom Triple 60mm Pump Hanger & Fuel Sender (Black) (AF85-4050ASBLK)

18-1/8" L x 20-1/16" W x 10-1/4" H (46cm x 51cm x 26cm)
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18-1/8" L x 20-1/16" W x 10-1/4" H (46cm x 51cm x 26cm)

Part Number: AF85-4050ASBLK

Aeroflow Performance aluminium fuel cells have been designed to meet the most extreme racing and performance demands for your street or race car. Each fuel cell has been welded solely by a high-level machine robot to the quality of which can be seen by the clean corner welds. Constructed with 3mm (1/8") thick 5052 sheet metal aluminium to ensure structural stability. They are made easily mountable with the 4 sturdy mounting brackets to secure the fuel cell down (Rubber mounts recommended for high flex chassis applications).
All fuel cells feature an innovative integral baffling system to eliminate as much fuel slosh issues as possible. Along with both flat bottom and sump fuel cells the fuel OUT fittings are in a cavity at the base of the cell, which helps prevent fuel starvation at low fuel levels even under high G-force levels.
Featured on top of the fuel cell is a flush-mount aircraft-style billet cap. Designed for fast cap removal with a flip up and twist action CNC billet alloy cap with a 1-way air valve in the cap. Each fuel cell incorporates all -12 ORB female threads for use in all applications. NOTE: All tanks must have a vent fitted in order to avoid pressure build-up in the tank.
This fuel cell features our billet triple pump hanger preinstalled into the top of the cell. This triple pump hanger is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminium. The 3-piece head incorporates a built-in fuel manifold chamber for better pressure equalization and no external couplers. The Buna N O-rings provide a positive seal for the internal fuel log which has a -12AN feed for large flow applications with a -8AN return. With 3 x -8AN internal feeds along with the check valves and male to female joiners which remove the need for in tank hose or clamps. We've designed the CNC Billet hanger to mount 1, 2 and/or 3 intake 60mm fuel pumps such as our AF49-1013 or Bosch 040 fuel pumps.
The fuel cells contain a 0-90 Ohm tube style fuel sender (various ohm senders Sold Separately).
All fuel cells are available in both natural aluminium and black finishes. Each fuel cell is anodised in inside and out, making them not only durable and resistant to corrosion but also safe for use with exotic fuel blends such as ethanol and methanol.

Specifications: Dimensions:
Overall Length: 460mm (18-1/8")
Overall Width: 510mm (20-1/16")
Overall Height: 260mm (10-1/4")
Mounting Holes Width Centre to Centre: 440mm
Mounting Holes Length Centre to Centre: 504mm

Capacity: 57 Litres (15 US Gallons)