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Aeroflow 11" x 6" Oil Cooler (AF72-6051)

With 3/8" Barb Fittings
SKU: AF72-6051
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AF72-6051 - 11" x 6" x 1-1/2" 3/8" BARB

With 3/8" Barb Fittings

Part Number: AF72-6051

The Aeroflow Performance transmission oil cooler is designed to cool the automatic transmission oil during sustained high-speed driving, pulling heavy loads, racing or any other torque converter stress. The cooler will guard against excessive overheating, but will not overcool the transmission in winter weather.
This product is designed for universal applications. It is anodised in a black finish. Both inlet and outlet ports are male 3/8" ( 9.52mm ) barbs.
This oil cooler is a stack plate cooler and features 22 rows that are fully brazed on all contact surfaces inside and outside. Furthermore, they have also had a brazed seam that can withstand vibrations and pulsations in all types of applications. This Aeroflow Performance cooler will help protect your transmission and transmission oil from overheating but it cannot correct a faulty or worn transmission.

Specifications: The dimensions of this oil cooler are:
Length - 279.4mm (11")
Thickness - 38.10mm (1-1/2")
Height - 152.4mm (6")