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Aeroflow 100 Series Black Stainless Steel Braided Hose -7AN (AF100-07-1MBLK)

1 Metre Length
SKU: AF100-07-1MBLK
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1 Metre Length

Part Number: AF100-07-1MBLK

The Aeroflow 100 series hose is a true double braided stainless hose that uses the highest quality stainless wire available.
- Constructed with a stainless steel outer braid that resists abrasion and corrosion
- Combined with a reinforced Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber liner with a nylon inner braid
- For use with fuel systems, E85, E10, methanol, oils, lubricants, coolant systems and vacuum applications
- Minimum temperature -40°C (-40°F), Maximum temperature 150°C (302°F)
- Suits 100, 150, 500, 550 & 880 series hose ends
- Use inner coil support spring on all tight radius bends and inlet / suction side of any pump
Due to the use of unknown additives in some fuels, we are unable to guarantee our rubber hoses compatibility with all fuels unless otherwise stated. We recommend the use of Aeroflows PTFE series hose for all other types of fuels.
Not Recommended For:
Brake systems, transmissions, power steering, extreme heat areas and use inside passenger compartments (due to permeation). For these applications use 200 Series Hoses & compatible fittings.