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$14.00 + GST

Wix oil filter to suit all Chev small block/big block engines (up to but not including LS engines) Spin on filter

Part Number: 51069


Oil Filter Style:Canister

Height (in):4.338 in.

Outside Diameter (in):3.660 in.

Filter Bypass Relief Valve:No

Anti-Drainback Valve:No

Smallest Particle Filtered:21 microns

Maximum Burst Pressure (psi):225 psi

Thread Size:13/16-16 in.

Gasket Outside Diameter (in):3.444 in.

Gasket Inside Diameter (in):3.100 in.

Gasket Thickness (in):0.260 in.

Quantity:Sold individually.


WIX oil filters play a vital role in in your vehicle's lubrication system, protecting your engine from premature wear. As gearheads know, every moving part in the engine requires clean oil! WIX oil filters trap more dirt than the leading national brand, and they keep filtering long after the competition has completely quit. WIX patented the first spin-on oil filter in 1954 and has been at the forefront of filter technology ever since. Canister-style oil filters feature strong, full-metal base plates to prevent leaks at the double seam under severe driving conditions. They also offer glass-enhanced media that improve each filter's ability to catch and hold engine-damaging dirt. Choose the WIX oil filter to fit your make and model—for a cleaner-running engine over many extra miles.