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Wilwood s Remote Tandem Master Cylinder is available in 2 bore sizes 1.00 and 1-1/8 ; and two finishes: Polished or Gloss Black. At this stage we only carry 1-1/8" in Gloss Black. The 1 bore can be used in manual and power assisted applications and does not come with a pushrod. The 1-1/8 bore is designed for use primarily with power brake applications, either from vacuum assist or hydraulic assist systems. Overall length of 6.55" and slotted mount flanges from 3.22 to 3.40 , and offer fluid outlet ports on both sides of the bore. The stroke is set at 1.10 with a volume ratio of 2:1 between the primary and secondary chambers. Machined from high-pressure die castings, each master cylinder weighs only 3lbs, a 75% weight savings over most cast iron OE type master cylinders. We also offer a our combination proportioning valve kit, which includes brackets and stainless lines specifically for use with these master cylinders, see Proportioning Valves 'Combination W Bracket'.