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Size: 20 LITRE


CG4/CF4/CF2/CD/SJ, ACEA E2/A3/B2-99, ACEA E2/A2/B3-02, MAN 271, MTU Type 1, Mercedes Benz 228.1, Mercedes Benz 229.1, Mack EOM
(pending), EOK-2, EOL Plus, Volvo VDS, Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2.

Available in:
• 20lt – 32002

TURBO DIESEL LA is a heavy duty diesel engine oil suitable for use in pre 2000 diesel and petrol engines or modern engines calling for API CG4/SJ specifications. TURBO DIESEL LA is formulated for Australia’s harsh conditions hence will provide protection against engine wear, reduce oil consumption and offer good soot control to reduce oil thickening.

TURBO DIESEL LA is suitable for a wide range of heavy duty diesel engines, petrol engines, 4WD’s, stationary engines and mobile hydraulic units calling for the specifications listed above. Ideally suited to older, pre 2000 fleets.

Download Turbo Diesel LA 15W-40 Data Sheet

Download Turbo Diesel LA 15W-40 MSDS