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Size: 1 LITRE


CI-4/CH4/CG4/CF4/SL, ACEA E5/E3/B3/B4/A3-99, ACEA E5/E3/B3/B4/A2-02, Volvo VDS-3/VDS-2, Mack EO-M Plus, MACK EO-N, Cummins CES 20076/77/78, Caterpillar ECF-2, ZF TE-ML 02C/03A+04B/04C/07C, MAN 271, 3275, Mercedes Benz 228.3, 229.1, MTU Type 1, Type 2, Allison C4, RVI RLD-2, MIL-L-2104E/G, MIL-L-46512E, Global DH-1, Deutz, DRC 111-10, Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215.

Available in:
• IBC – 30012B
• 20lt – 32012
• 5lt – 30512
• 1lt – 30112

TOP DOG XDO® is a heavy duty high performance, OEM approved diesel engine oil meeting the latest in lubrication technology formulated for Australia’s harsh environment meeting OEM requirements from Mack, Volvo, Detroit and Cummins. It provides superior protection against engine wear and sludge build up ensuring a cleaner engine. TOP DOG XDO® offers extended drain intervals, reduced oil consumption and excellent low temperature viscometrics for reduced wear on start up.

TOP DOG XDO® is recommended for US, European and Japanese four stroke heavy duty diesel engines including the latest generation of highly tuned emission controlled engines including those with exhaust gas recirculation systems and SCR treatment systems. TOP DOG XDO® is suitable where extended drain intervals are required (supported by routine oil analysis) and for equipment operating under the most extreme conditions. TOP DOG XDO® is also suitable for stationary engines, petrol engines and 4WD’s making it an ideal mixed fleet oil. It is suitable for use as a hydraulic oil where a 15W-40 is called for and as a transmission oil where the Allison C3/C4 specification is required. TOP DOG XDO® is not recommended for engines fitted with diesel particulate filters.

Download Top Dog XDO® 15W-40 Data Sheet

Download Top Dog XDO® 15W-40 MSDS